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For Emergencies Dial 911 | Administration: 815-478-3197

Manhattan Fire Protection District | 100 Park Road P.O. Box 65 | Manhattan, IL 60442

  • Proudly serving Manhattan, Peotone, and Wilton Center

District Info

Our Vision

The Manhattan Fire Protection District is committed to providing the highest quality service to our communities using current fire service trends, data analysis, and organizational capability assessments. We will continue to develop and nurture communit y – based relationships and partnerships to ensure common fire and life safety goals. We will provide an “ All Hazards ” response model as well as “ Prevention Services ” to save lives and lessen the risk to our communities. We will educate the public advocating for personal health, wellness, and safe behaviors to improve the quality of life in our communities.

District Leadership

  • Steve Malone

    Fire Chief
  • Dave Piper

    Deputy Chief
  • Bruce Boyle

    Battalion Chief
  • Edward Ludwig

  • Jonathan Christensen

  • Daniel Gulli

  • Kyle Eller

  • Eric Murphy

  • Kyle McKenna

  • David Kolosh

  • Justin Kozar

  • Michael Frederick

    Fire Chiefs Since 1901

    • 1901 – 1933 Henry O. Wenzel
    • 1933 – 1946 John W. Hertel
    • 1946 – 1967 Ivan Goodwin
    • 1967 – 1998 Dale VanderBoegh
    • 1998 – 2008 Jack Fitzgerald
    • 2008 – 2019 Daniel Forsythe
    • 2019 – present: Steve Malone

    Board of Trustees Since 1949

    • 1949 – 1959 Harry White
    • 1949 – 1960 Herman Christiansen
    • 1959 – 1969 Wesly Jones
    • 1959 – 1971 Ivan Goodwin
    • 1963 – 1975 Earl Keniston
    • 1966 – 1977 J.R. (Bob) Lee
    • 1971 – 1976 Ralph Goodwin
    • 1785 – 1983 Bob Quigley
    • 1976 – 1989 Gene Carlos
    • 1977 – 2009 Donald Borchardt
    • 1983 – 2009 Burton Barr
    • 1989 – 2000 Elza Blackman
    • 2001 – 2005 Craig Patterson
    • 2005 – Present William Moncrief
    • 2005 – Present Larry Goodwin
    • 2005 – Present William Weber
    • 2009 – Present Robert Davis
    • 2009 – Present Nickolas Kotchou
    • 2023 – Present Brian Hupe
    • 2023 – Present William Osborne


    Manhattan Fire Station 81


    100 Park Road
    PO Box 65
    Manhattan, IL 60442

    Administration: (815) 478-3197
    Fax: (815) 478-9880

    Station 82

    “Serving the Center”

    28710 South Cedar Road
    Manhattan, IL 60442

    Emergencies: 9-1-1
    Non-emergency station number: (815) 478-5578

    Station 83

    “Proudly serving the Village of Peotone”

    7550 W. Joliet Road
    Peotone, IL 60468

    Emergencies: 9-1-1
    Non-Emergency Fire Station: (708) 258 -6884
    Administration: (815) 478-3197
    Administration Fax: (815) 478-9880

    History of MFPD

    In September of 1899, the Village of Manhattan purchased two #6 hose carts, 650 feet of safety hose, two play pipe nozzles, and other equipment from the New York Belting Company for 450 dollars. When the village started installing water mains in the 1890s, it was then possible to have pressurized water available for firefighting, which could be applied through the hose and nozzles carried on the hose carts, rather than just throwing the water on the fire with the buckets that had been stationed throughout the town at horse troughs and cisterns.

    This type of hose cart was not pulled by horses, it was designed and intended to be drawn by men. The horse-drawn hose carts were much more significant and usually of four-wheel design. In later years, once autos and trucks became more common, the carts would be pulled by car for short distances. At least one of these carts was kept at Timm’s Garage for many years, and several sheds or hose houses were built in different locations over the years. Eventually, there was a North and South hose cart shed with other men assigned to each one.

    This 1944 Chevy Fire Engine was purchased from Central Fire Equipment in 1944 for $4,835.00 and was retired in 1961.


    1899: Manhattan Village President Eberhart appoints Henry Wenzel as Chief Fire Marshal
    1900: First 15 civilians were sworn in as members of the Manhattan Fire Department
    1916: A fire in Salow Hardware Store destroyed three buildings in the downtown area of Manhattan
    1925: Lighting struck a crude oil tank, causing fire and heavy black smoke that could be seen over fifty miles away
    1928: A village code book formally outlined the general rules and regulations of the fire department, Fire Marshal, and its members
    1929: A fire destroys St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Wilton Center
    1933: J.W. Hertle was appointed Chief; hose cart was stored in Herman’s Evans garage on the North side; 19 members listed on the department
    1934: First Fireman’s Ball at Grange Hall
    1937: Flashlights and tool chest was added to the hose carts; firemen/”dispatchers” were paid $1.00 per call; a hose cart was added to each end of town
    1939-1942: First fire truck was purchased for $2,000 (W.S. Darley); the fire station was completed
    1942-1944: Manhattan Rural Fire Protection Association formed; purchased a fire truck for $4,835 from Central Fire Truck Corporation
    1947: Non-members of the rural association would pay a “rental” fee of $100 per run and a labor charge of $2.50 per hour for each fireman responding $500,000 Oil Blaze in Manhattan
    1949: Manhattan Township and Jackson Township voted to create a fire protection district
    1950: Wilton Township voted to be in the district, starting the Manhattan Fire Protection District, approx. 72 sq. miles
    1953: Rural Association dissolved after selling the fire truck and equipment to MFPD for $7,500, a total of seven subdivisions at this time
    1951: Voters approved a $24,000 bond for the addition to the fire station and new equipment
    1953: First three trustees of MFPD; the first numbering system
    1956: Firefighters protect second building after a $25,000 blaze at Manhattan Store (Goodwin’s)
    1960: One of the first members of the Des Plaines Valley Mutual Aid Association
    1961: First radio system installed; potential arson fire killing six calves costing about $75,000
    1962: Numbering System was updated
    1969: Fatal Fire at 265 S. State St.; train derailment containing isobutane near Aeropress
    1970: Members participate in Fire School hosted by Joliet FD
    1972: Lightning strikes at Aeropress, causing a fire with a possible propane explosion; new uniforms were received
    1973: $13,000 multi-purpose fire truck added to the fleet; elevator knocked down for the new station 1; heavy extrication after three are trapped in the caboose of an overturned of 6 freight cars; Wilton Center fully involved causing damage to machines, truck, and 20 sheep destroyed
    1974: Station 1 built; Department has eight rigs
    1974: Station 1 cost $75,000, built by Professional Sales of Pontiac and finished by the firefighters; the first ambulance purchased; member of the Will-Grundy EMS system
    1975: Ambulance purchased for approximately $18,000 from donations; car wash raises money for a new siren to be mounted on the station
    1976: Apartment fire at 150 S. State St. causing 14 to be displaced after Ammo exploded; 1217 and 1212 Darley’s arrive $70,000 for both 1,650-gallon tanker and 1,000-gallon pumper
    1977: ALS equipment came in; new 1221 with 750 gallons (E1); attic fire on Elevator Rd.; pond in the front yard used for water supply
    1978: Department has four paramedics; receive Lifepak 5 defibrillator/ monitor
    1982: The second ambulance was purchased; a new ambulance arrived at 1215 with ALS equipment
    1981: Cadet program began for 15-18-year-olds
    1984: The first female joined; fire prevention held at St Paul’s; November 4, 1984, ambulance district was voted on and passed
    1985: Station 2 built with two bays: Mrs. Leo Nugent, donated Wilton Center property in memory of Leo Nugent; 30,000-gallon cistern; 1 pumper; 1 grass truck; 42 active members; training tower at station 2; new apparatus; full time; SCBA advancements; technical rescue training; delivery of Pierce pumper (1000 gallons of water, 2900 ft various hose, 6-man cab all inside)
    1987: Jack Fitzgerald receives “Paramedic of the Year” by the Will County EMS System
    1988: New squad; 6 men wrecking crew; new patch
    1989: May 21, 1989, honors John E. “Jack” Fitzgerald as “Jack’s Day” for his many accomplishments
    1991: Firefighters kept busy after a power outage caused three fires throughout the town
    1992: Assistant Chief Bob Borden retires after 38 years; new 1214 replaced 1974 ambulance, E9-1-1 On-Line
    1993: 1221 retires; ambulance refurbished
    1994: New 1221 arrives
    1995: “Technical Rescue” Trailer; an addition to station 1
    1996: Fire station expands six times its original size; April 7: squad collides into Kurtz Ambulance while both were responding to emergencies with lights on
    1998: Chief Dale VanderBoegh “Chubb” retires after 31 years as Chief
    2000: Referendum; new ambulance; a ball of fire rises from Long’s Auto services on Manhattan Rd. destroying the building
    2001: Firefighter Todd Burke dies in a car accident; Retired Chief VanderBoegh dies at home; purchased a new pumper tender 
    2002: TIC Camera; new ambulance; N.Y. heroes welcomed to Manhattan; grain elevator fire
    2006: 1212 arrives; full-time deputy chief hired; 1214 arrives
    2004: Couple rescued from a burning house on November 14, 2004
    2005: Good Time Charlie’s restraint caught fire on February 21, 2005, causing damage to businesses in the strip mall
    2007: Commissioners appointed; MFPD goes full time
    2008: Chief Jack Fitzgerald retires after 52 years (10 as Chief); Forsythe sworn in as Chief; sprinklers and alarms required for new commercial buildings; station 2 remodeled
    2009: Burton Bar retires from the Board of Trustees; auto pulses; squad arrives; 1218 arrives
    2010: Full-time Lieutenants; new 1221; new ambulance
    2011: Captain Toepper retires; firefighters host summer bash
    2012: Firefighter Matt Zack killed in a crash; plane crashes into a Wilton Township farm; house explosion
    2013: MFPD was recognized as Fire-Safe Community at the Illinois Residential Fire Sprinkler Symposium in Addison; a tornado struck the area
    2015: Firefighters escaped cornfield blaze when the winds picked up to cause the fire to become out of control in Wilton Township; $2.4 million addition to fire station 81 approved for Admin rebuild
    2016: MFPD ambulance transporting a patient to Silver Cross Hospital flipped after being struck by a pickup truck in New Lenox; run cards begin to tie in with the CAD
    2017: Laraway Communications Center was formed to consolidate four dispatch centers
    2018: Receives 2017 Safer Grant; total contributions requirements for pension approved
    2019: Chief Dan Forsythe retires; Chief Steve Malone promoted
    2020: MFPD achieves ISO Class 1 rating; BC Boyle starts part-time admin; approval to purchase Horton ambulance; signed MFPD/PFPD “Admin Sharing Agreement;” Deputy Chief Dave Piper joins command staff; approval to purchase rescue pumper and pumper tanker for $1,450,000; ’94 Eng 83 MV06 sold to Garrison Volunteer Fire Department, Texas for $40,000
    2021: Amended MFPD/PFPD IGA is approved and signed