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For Emergencies Dial 911 | Administration: 815-478-3197

Manhattan Fire Protection District | 100 Park Road P.O. Box 65 | Manhattan, IL 60442

  • Proudly serving Manhattan, Peotone, and Wilton Center

Health and Safety Committee

The purpose of the Manhattan Health and Safety Committee is to help improve the physical safety of our members, and reduce workplace accidents.

About the Health and Safety Committee

We take a proactive approach by establishing goals and objectives for our fire district to improve our workplace and provide a safe workplace environment. The committee is also dedicated to prevention, and takes a large role in investigation of workplace incidents, and taking steps to ensure that safety related incidents do not happen again

Committee Members

Lt. Kyle Eller


Lt. Eric Murphy


Lt. Kyle Mckenna

Lt. Ed Ludwig

Lt. Jon Christensen

Deputy Chief David Piper

Lt. Dan Gulli

FLSE Jackie O’Hara

Health and Safety Committee Documents

Takeaways to review with your crews